What happened between me and the GESL

Now that the tournament is over and it seems as most of the drama has passed, I thought I’d just release an official little collection of what happened up to and after Gigabyte decided not to have me cast in their tournament. I have a few reasons why I wanted to collect everything and release it here from my POV: 1) no bullshit, but I think most of you have come to expect that already, 2) I want to dispel any rumors that GESL hates me/I hate GESL, 3) I want to shit on GIGABYTE a little bit.

On Saturday, May 5th, John Clark (a sick d00d who works for CSN, awesome guy) messaged me asking me if I’d be interested coming into a conference call with some GESL staff. He said he’d suggested me to them as a player/caster and that most of them were pretty receptive to the idea. (source) I joined the call, then chatted a bit later with John, and everything sounded good. I’d have my room/board paid for and would get paid a small amount (<$1000) to cast. Overall, it would definitely be a net loss (financially) for me due to the revenue I’d lose streaming, but I enjoy getting the chance to interact with fans and other members of the community, so it seemed like a fun idea. On Monday, May 7th, everything was pretty much confirmed and I was good to go for the event. (source)

Everything seemed to go well; the announcement was made on Teamliquid and posted subsequently to reddit, most people seemed receptive to it, etc…etc…Then I received a message from John on May 10th stating that Gigabyte had received a few messages and decided they wanted to pull me from the event. (source) I spoke a bit with with Bobby on May 10th (main guy in charge of organizing the GESL) later, and he said that Gigabyte and Kingston were both “adament[sic] about not having [me] at the event” and encouraged me to contact them personally to try to resolve the issue. (source) I could be wrong about how many people were contacting Gigabyte, but Bobby made it sound like it was a very small number of people the entire time. (source)

Bobby forwarded me the e-mail that Gigabyte sent them concerning me, where they insisted that I was kept from attending the event. (source) I promptly e-mailed both Gigabyte and Kingston back, explaining why I would be a benefit to their event and that it seemed as though most people were interested with me attending and that the few who thought I was racist or wouldn’t watch because I was there was far less than those who would watch simply because I was there. I know I sound a bit arrogant in this e-mail, but I’m not writing this e-mail to try to sound humble, I’m trying to market myself to an organization. That being said, (source). I received a response a bit later from Ken, from Kingston, saying that he had no problem with me attending but that it mainly came down to Gigabyte. (source)

Gigabyte never responded or communicated with me, ever, during this entire ordeal.

I’m very realistic when it comes to how the business side of things operate. I would have probably been okay with being pulled from the event if Gigabyte had at least made some kind of attempt to communicate with me, but they never responded to my e-mail and never made any other attempt to contact me. To quote myself, I wouldn’t have minded things if they’d at least sent me an e-mail back explaining their position. (source)

After this had all happened, the rest of my communication with Bobby was pretty much him being worried that my tweets would scare Gigabyte away from the event (and SC2) altogether. He explained to me his situation about how he was worried that his tournament would be cast in a bad light due to all of this and asked me a few times to tweet positive things about the event, or to retract my tweets about Gigabyte. He even went as far as to invite me as a player to the event on May 12th. (source)

After everything here, I was in a really rough spot, personally. I honestly wish nothing bad on the GESL and I really do like all of the people (or at least the ones I’ve talked to) who are associated with the event. That being said, their success was, in a way, tied to the success of Gigabyte.

Fuck Gigabyte in the ass. And I’m not saying that because their X58 boards were shit and I received two in a row that didn’t work. Or because they obnoxiously capitalize their entire brand name. I’m upset that never throughout all of this did they ever make any attempt at all to contact me. If Gigabyte would have ever contacted me directly stating their rationale behind why they didn’t want me at their event, I would have griped a bit to the person and then explained that I understood their decision. Instead, they continued to complain to Bobby about my behavior without ever trying to contact me in any way, size, shape or form. If Gigabyte doesn’t sponsor any other events or has a bad image of the SC2 community due to the backlash they received and the way this tournament turned out, then fine, fuck them. They have no business being involved in any kind of event if their PR director can’t grow a fucking pair and communicate in a more effective manner. I don’t know how people like this even get in charge of PR in the first place. I’m looking at you, Irene Huang.

Anyway, that’s pretty much a recap of everything from my point of view. I’m sure Bobby’s still a little pissed at me, but I have absolutely nothing against him or anyone else involved with the GESL. I never (and would never have) encouraged any of my fans to DDoS their event or anything like that (on a side note, these are very serious accusations, it’d be interesting to see some kind of proof posted that these things actually did happen, as it’s completely unprecedented in the SC2 community thus far). After I finished my communicating with Bobby I just decided I’d remain silent about the entire event until things passed. I wish everyone involved all the best, except for Gigabyte, because fuck you.


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  1. nites says:

    Except for Gigabyte, because fuck you.


      Wrong, fuck you.

      • ASUS IS WAY BETTER says:

        Who cares what destiny says about Gigabyte the fact is they suck ass. I mean come on Asus ROG > anything Gigabyte can come up with. Asus is a better brand and they support esport. Everyone fuck gigabyte and there sorry ass shit and buy ASUS

    • Sihaya says:

      I think you made your point, Gigabyte behaviour was unprofessional.
      But mang with this kind of drama-shit…”Fuck Gigabyte in the ass”… I dont know brah, I feel you are closing too many doors for your career.
      Right now looks like the wisely move that sponsors, tournaments etc will make is just not getting involved with you at all. :(

      • ICEMAN says:

        it’s because of ppl like u that the system works the way it does … ppl that keep a clean image while banging escorts on the side … u clearly are a quite nice guy who is becoming slowly a company man … like 99% of the world … It’s very unfortunate that strictly from a business point of view u might be right … and yet u might be not … if ppl like Howard Stern ever listened to ppl like u they wouldn’t be Billionares today

        • Jack the Ripper says:


        • Legacy says:

          Exactly, Steven has always been one to say exactly what’s on his mind. Even if it’s jokingly racist or hateful to sensitive little pussies. He tells it like it is and I admire him for that. As far as corporations go, doesn’t seem like the type of person Steven is. He’s a lone wolf, doesn’t want to be tied down by BS contracts or be told what to do. He went out of his way, at his own financial loss, to try to help out the community and give back to ESports. I commend him for his actions and I agree that businesses need to step up and tell it like it is more often. It’s apparent they were shown videos of Steven being Steven and as a corporation were immediately concerned about putting him as a representative of their tournament.

      • Seth says:

        What career?

  2. NWABroseidon.295 says:

    gook xDDDDDDDDDD

  3. aEro says:

    Go Steven!!

  4. LOL RETARD says:

    So you publicly insult the sponsor of a tournament and then are surprised when they don’t accept you as a caster? LEL

    • grow up says:

      Steven, time to grow up bro

    • xCHromaticx says:

      are you retarded “LOL RETARD”? he wrote this after the event

    • Anku says:

      You really dont get it, do you.

    • Wurst says:

      A socially accepted, middle class family consists of a father, a mother and their little daughter.
      One day, a man from the state comes over. He says: “I am here to take your daughter with me. You do not seem to be an appropriate father for a young child.”
      “What? I love my daughter and care much about her. I never did anything wrong!”
      “Well, but a neighbour called us and told something different. We will bringt your daughter to a new family.”

      They start arguing heavily and eventually, the father, enraged because his beloved daughter shall be taken away from him, hits the man in the face.

      The man then says: “This is an obvious proof that you are a violent person. Your daughter does not deserve the horrible life here.”

      • Wowww. says:

        Yeah? Really? That’s your comparison to a situation with a slur-spewing, childish 20-odd year-old getting fired from a job because the sponsoring company doesn’t trust him to behave professionally and represent their interests effectively? Fantastic. You’re brilliant.

        • ^^^^ Piece of trash says:

          Names himself “WOWWWW”. Leaves a butthurt comment with no content on somebody’s website who he apparently doesn’t like. Calls other childish. God damn you are a piece of trash son. You probably didn’t even understand the analogy, that’s why your comment didn’t really say anything at all.

          • Josh says:

            Wow, that “abusive husband” analogy… We’re really dipping into the lower regions of the gene pool here.

            A more accurate analogy – if you really want to make a comparison to domestic violence – would be…

            “A man has a wife and child, and although he’s generally a good guy, has been known to hit the daughter every once in a while, even in public places with hundreds or even thousands of onlookers.

            He tries to apply for a job, but when they do a background check they find multiple, credible reports of his past abuse. They decide that while he is likely a qualified candidate, they don’t want to risk associating their brand with his sometimes irrational behavior.

            The HR department tells him that he didn’t get the job after all. The man complains about it, and also decides to beat his daughter some more (and post the pics on Twitter) to show the world he doesn’t care about the very issues that make him an undesirable employee in the first place.”

          • Goose? says:

            Sorry, you’re right. Everyone else totally made use of their actual REAL name as their handle, so my use of the “name” as a subject line was so radically different. Oh, hold on, no. Sorry I didn’t use “WURST” or “LOLRETARD” or “ICEMAN.” You’re right. Those are much more practical.

            As for the trash comment, I’m not the one comparing silly gaming drama to domestic violence. I’m not butthurt in the least, but I am maybe a bit surprised that anyone would have the audacity to make that comparison. [Since I read /r/starcraft, I really shouldn’t be surprised. Mea culpa.] That comment was so wildly out of perspective of the situation, and the martyrdom stance is just so detrimental to the situation and to the community. Destiny asked on twitter if he was beating a dead horse by putting this here; he is. He creates antagonism between fans and potential sponsors and he polarizes the community. Anyway, apropos of the comment above mine, it was just a piss poor analogy. Whine more, dude.

            And please, who is going to argue that Destiny isn’t pretty childish after watching his stream? Hell, that’s what makes it funny half the time.

    • Legio says:

      It’s closer to “He’s surprised when they don’t accept him as a caster so he publicly insults them.”

      To the point though, I do have had numerous problems with their motherboards; I stopped buying them after the first two didn’t last more than 3mo without them frying themselves.

    • SleepingShaman says:

      eat shit and die wanna-be-troll

    • Baromosa says:

      Love how people comment on this shit without taking the time to read even half of it. Gtfo.

  5. Gigabyte says:

    We love you Steven <3

  6. Protostars says:

    Fuck Gigabyte!, not buying anything from gigabyte ever again! >=(

  7. DangerousD1ldo420 says:

    Steven, you probably didn’t handle this shit correctly.

    Public slander of a big time sponsor seems juvenile to me.

    In fact, reading through this made it difficult not to imagine you were crying many angry tears while writing this text.

    In short, suck it up and deal with it. Shit like this happens to everyone.


    • Trekkan says:

      You’re the cancer in modern society. The reason why big companies act like stuck up pigs is because pussies like you “suck it up and deal with it” instead of saying it’s wrong.

      +1 Steven

      • DangerousD1ldo420 says:

        You guys sure told me hard.

        I’m sure Steven could have dealt with this issue without seeming like a dick, in turn he would probably appear the bigger man.

        But no, he just has to be so edgy and cool and tell a multi billion dollar company to literally “get fucked in the ass”.

        Naturally, his fans will stand by this decision 100%, as you have just proven.

        In the end, Steven has only managed to make himself seem more unapproachable professionally, which is lame.

        And this thing we are doing right now is just a circlejerk about how dark and cool Destiny is.

        • Spectre says:

          Or.. OR.. a circlejerk of how pussy you are. hue hue hue

        • SleepingShaman says:

          SERIOUSLY GO FUCK YOURSELF. you are just little scumbag. eat shit and die.

        • Just a Guy says:

          I agree with you. :)

        • Legacy says:

          I don’t think he gives a fuck about being approached professionally for a job or sponsorship. These companies should know what the fuck they are getting into when they ask Destiny to do shit for them for less then what he would make sitting at home streaming…
          I do believe, however, Steven is very capable of acting professional and putting on a show for a company that asks him and pays him to represent their product. His influence possibly destroyed an entire tournament. Why wouldn’t ANY company want that kind of influence directed positively toward their products??

    • GDrag14 says:

      Never bought from GIGABYTE; will certainly not start after that.

      And Kingston… people actually buy their memory sticks?

    • joeblow says:

      I can’t speak for every country, but in the US it’s only slander if it’s false information. Looks like Steven is willing to back up his statements with claims, so the burden of proof that it is false is on you.

      If it isn’t false, it isn’t slander.

    • MrHighlight says:

      It’s not “slander,” it’d be “libel” if anything.

      Don’t try to act smart if you aren’t.

  8. Uriel says:

    You probably didn’t handle commenting correctly

    Calling someone juvenile with a name like DangerousD1ldo420 seems juvenile to me

    In fact, reading that name and your subsequent post made it difficult not to imagine that you understand how being a public figure…. or really how anything works.

    In short, stfu, I’m sure you complain about things all the time, but you dont have a forum for it because nobody cares.

    If I was slighted by a company and people gave a shit, I would tell people not to buy their stuff too.


    • Breezy says:

      it was only sc2 that got fucked up at gesl so I don’t blame the guy for being pissed many of the players and fans who went to that event regretted it because of poor communication between the organisers and the players.

  9. CoolTech says:

    Dunno what the fuck is wrong with these haters man, kinda starting to be life threatening douches, taking away from you a pretty nice chance to maybe gain some more popularity, therefore revenue, friends and so on.

    On a equal note, those fuckers from Gigabyte indeed need to grow a pair.That hard to say to the man, ok you were racist/bm here or there, so that’s why we don’t wanna relate to you in any way, cuz we’re a big gay ass company? Geezus.

  10. Holy__Check says:

    daebak bro just daebak :)

  11. TheMRC says:

    It’s sad, that some companies like Gigabyte just hear the word “racist” (and I honestly don’t think that you are one – people are just overreacting about that “gook”-thing) and just block off everything to distance themself from any kind of bad PR rather than solve the problem in the first place.

  12. Shaggyarab says:

    Good lad Steven, fuck companies like this that dont appreciate players or fans only profit margins.

    People should ALWAYS be treated like people at the end of the day. You did the right thing.

    P.S Fuck GIGABYTE.

  13. jsn2000 says:

    A major company doesn’t want to sponsor a bigoted caster? What a surprise! Or not…

    • Legacy says:

      It’s the fact that they asked him in the first place, then after a few people complaining dropped him suddenly and without ever confronting him personally. That’s a pussy way to do business. If it was me I would’ve just said. “Listen Steven, you’re funny and have lots of influence but you’re an asshole who’s sometimes racist jokingly and as a corporation we can’t take that sort of risk.”

  14. Thomas says:

    All I got from this is that you are a butthurt manchild.

  15. nigger says:

    us gookbros no one understands us XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  16. James Pummell says:

    I fully support you Steven. There are ways people act whilst at home, and this may differ from how we act professionally. For GIGABYTE’s PR to be so short sighted is outrageous, especially without the decency to contact you personally despite your email. Which, by the way, proved how wrong it was for them to shoot you down (probably why there was a lack of a responce).
    I didn’t watch GSEL but I would have if you had cast it. And, I was disappointed that I didn’t see you at MLG.
    I hope you stream more often now this ordeal should hopefully have blown over.

  17. I guess you could say Gigabyte *puts on sunglasses* burned their bridges. YEEEAAAAHHHHHH!

    (get it, north/south bridge over heating, bad voltage regulators, huh huh?)

  18. sadsman says:

    this is a response from someone who just doesnt get it… you were rejected by a corporate entity due to your behavior, and while i understand that they acted less than stellar, your retort “Fuck Gigabyte in the ass” only justifies what they did and cements that your future as a caster is likely not going to be what you want it to be…

    these companies have all the money, they make the decisions and if you already have an image problem (and having a large sponsor thing you are racist is a BAD one bro) a response like this only makes you look worse.

    I have nothing against you homey, but i think it unlikely you will ever be approached to cast again. time to grow up a little and own your decisions and start making up for them rather than posting an angry boy email on your webpage

  19. shamWOW! says:

    This is the first time I’ve read anything written by you. I’m never going to read anything you write ever again. You’re a brat. You could’ve been the bigger man and role model the hell out of being a mature member of the SC2 community but you fucked it. I hope you learn from this.

    And to all his fans – don’t defend him, and learn how not to make a shitty situation even worse.

  20. esper says:

    if the community doesn’t police a cancerous loudmouth like Destiny then thank you sponsors for stepping up and doing it instead. +1 Gigabyte and +1 for Destiny writing this and digging himself a deeper hole

    • Null says:

      While I don’t agree that Destiny is a “cancerous loudmouth”, if something needs “policing” and the community doesn’t do it; the corporation/sponsors should at least have the curiosity to communicate with the act/person in question. Instead of taking the pussy-foot approach to confrontations, and just avoiding it all together.

  21. Wreakofhavoc says:

    I thought the entire article was well written and mature, aside from the “Fuck Gigabyte in the ass” comment. But it was his frustration seeping through and you can’t really blame him for venting his frustration. The entire article could have been MUCH more unprofessional and childish.

    I’ll support Destiny, because I know he’d make a great commentator and that I would expect him to handle himself professionally when it comes to something like that. He’s a bit of an ass on SC2 and on his streams, and it’s part of who he is, but it isn’t all he is.

    Btw, I say you’re a bit of an ass, but that’s what draws me to your stream. Keep doing what you do Destiny, and don’t ever stop.

  22. sneefa says:

    The Kim Kardashian of SC2…

  23. Warren says:

    Nothing wrong with this statement. I’m sick of the sc2 white knight holy community getting butt hurt every time anyone says shit about an e sports sponsor, an event, a player or a caster. Steven isn’t hurting e sports or the sc2 community, he isn’t a fucking pro gamer, none of it matters. And guess what, all you reddit champions who think you contribute to e sports and make it grow and make it what it is, you don’t. You really don’t. This is above you all at both a player skill level, and a community sponsorship management level. You and your little number on an MLG stream mean nothing. You are not SAVING E SPORTS GET ON MY HORSE START THE CRUSAAAAADE

  24. derkwad says:

    No Tears only dreams!

    p.s. Fuck Gigabyte

  25. IeatCookies says:

    When I was younger which could be a minute ago or years, I had a dog, now she is dead. That’s the circle of life simba. Also I like ice cream a lot, but not when it’s cold, it should be warm like tea, u guys know what I mean. Hope I could help you clear the situation with another usefull comment.

    ps. security questions so hard, had to do it twice, FUCK GIGABYTE for that. Also their boards are shit, had 5-7 all major problems after cleaning with my toothbrush!

  26. ZVERK says:

    Fuck Gigabyte!

  27. DGSoggy says:

    This isn’t closing doors for his career l. It is showing how some e-sports events are incredibly unprofessional and that they need to take some responsibility for their actions. Yes e-sports is a rapidly growing community, but it can’t go further if it (e-sports) can’t show any responsibility.

  28. Haethos says:

    What about the claims that GESL were allegedly sabotaged by fans of yours, upset by you getting dropped from the tournament?

    • Loki says:

      Read the post. Steven said they he knows nothing about that situation: “I never (and would never have) encouraged any of my fans to DDoS their event or anything like that (on a side note, these are very serious accusations, it’d be interesting to see some kind of proof posted that these things actually did happen, as it’s completely unprecedented in the SC2 community thus far)”.

  29. Phillip says:

    i am greatly disappointed in gigabyte

  30. Kid says:

    why are you acting like such a child? grow up. this is one no one views you as a professional.

  31. Loki says:

    Steven – I understand completely where you are coming from. Looking at it from a business standpoint, Gigabyte SHOULD have at least contacted you explaining why they did not want you at their event. The fact that they did not shows me (and should show everyone else) how poorly this company is run and how little they care about their image. You made the right decision! Best of luck to you, always enjoy your streams. Especially your Day Z streams recently. (no no no no no…)


  32. Chronald says:

    Respond to unprofessionalism with more unprofessionalism.

    Sensible approach to having your image changed Destiny.

    This is why Gigabyte doesn’t like you.

    • Mr. Echo says:

      I don’t think Destiny wants his image changed. If you haven’t noticed, he always defends his viewpoints because he says them straight up.

  33. Wolverine14 says:

    I agree, fuck gigabyte, their support for everything is carried out horribly. I bought a motherboard from them last year, one of it’s capacitors literally exploded from a short circuit on the board. I then proceeded to call them up and get it replaced from the factory warranty, i took multiple calls just to have them send the box for me to ship it back in. I didn’t receive a new board for multiple weeks after return. What i’m saying is, that their support for customers and others is absolute shit, so don’t take it personally, they are just a bad company.

  34. Skates says:

    Anyone who wants Destiny to be at an event should expect Destiny to be Destiny. To then go back on their first decision and ignore him when he tries to resolve the issue is pretty shitty.

  35. JF says:

    Oh god, they didn’t email you back? This is why you are upset?

    Grow up man.

  36. InverseFlux says:

    I mean this in all reality and read the whole thing before you pass judgement on me. If it’s been said 100x, then well, Google “recursion”…

    Firstly, Gigabyte > Destiny. Since you’re one guy they are a multi-multi-million dollar corporation. They don’t need to or care about communicating with you…. kinda goes without saying. Does it suck? Yes, yes it does. Do they give a flying shit about “Destiny”? No, no probably not… or any of the other casters that were brought in for the event. Most likely, they care about the bottom line and not the global image of their company. Should this entire situation reflect negatively on eSports/SC2? Fuck no and anyone who sees it that way is an idiot.

    Secondly, as always with any “public” figure, you’ll run into just about everything when this shit comes up and will more often then not, end up eating your words. A lot.

    Lastly and personally, I still think you’re pretty fucking hilarious and generally bring an interesting outlook to the entire SC2 community. That being said, keep pissing them off, it’s fun and funny.

  37. Irene Huang says:


  38. geezlouise says:

    i look up to you bro; the most brain should make the decisions and it does; thats the way the world should be; unfortunately it isnt.

  39. Siefer says:

    One time… I like, didn’t get a job at Microsoft…and when I asked why Bill Gates didn’t even fucking answer me…I was like, so mad, I got 3 of my friends to put Pylons in his parking spot.

    Stephen, You’re a fucking moron

  40. Snail says:

    I like how you don’t just brush it off and assume that it’s part of life. People don’t stand up against shit like that enough and companies think it’s perfectly fine doing stuff like that since no backlash occurs. Screw that.

    They need to learn to properly deal with people or deal with the bad rap it’ll cause them when they don’t.

  41. Wohlfe says:

    I get it man, Gigabyte acted really unprofessional towards you and didn’t even give you the time of day.

  42. gigabyte says:

    No Steven, fuck you in the ass.

  43. herpderp says:

    “I’m upset that never throughout all of this did they ever make any attempt at all to contact me.”

    Dont care how big they are of a sponsor this is unprofessional if anyone handled it incorrectly it is them … Fuck Gigabyte

  44. ZYZZBRAH420 says:


  45. mrobvious says:

    Well, I hope you’ll get used to this. Most major companies are not going to risk their reputation and lively hood by associating themselves with someone who has a documented record of using very questionable language. It’s that simple. No one cares if u meant it in a different context or u have 10 thousand 14 year olds who idealize you. It is marketing poison and it is simply not worth the headache for them. And an international multi-million $ company didn’t respond to your email? Tough. They don’t have to. You say what u say based on your personal principles. Now live with the consequences.

  46. Alexandre says:

    I like you from wut you are. I gotta admit sometimes you are a little bit racist, but its all for shits and giggles, you are funny, and its not too serious.

  47. ICEMAN says:

    GYGABYTE, ASUS, ACER etc are companies based in Taiwan or China, having next to zero customer service in EU and apparently in the US (i’m in UK). If they say they’re racist think again … GYGABYTE ure reverse racist .. having a PR manager tat barely speaks English … is it because u pay her less?! or just because u just wanna hire ppl from SE Asia in managerial positions?? I get it, SE Asians tend to be more industrious but hell … even put them manage the PR part?? that doesn’t make any sense … and srry if someont thinks i’m racist, they clearly have a small enough brain to see that this is in a way an anti-racism comment

  48. Qiza says:

    STEVEN FIGHTING!! ur right, gigabyte fucked it up.

  49. ICEMAN says:

    OO and btw, English isn’t my native language either, and yet i still speak it 10x better than that Gigabyte PR manager … what a joke

  50. Steve says:

    This is what happens when you put a huge community of college drop-out 20something in charge of their own pr.

    Not a shred of class or restraint. Poof that no matter how much you make on streaming, money can’t buy class.

  51. Matt says:

    My reading is that there are one too many “fuck you” comments. On the whole it come across as a little gratuitous and juvenile.

    Perhaps the cause of this this is precisely as you state above: Gigabyte have taken away your ‘reason’ and denied you certainty. If they wanted you to feel some form of humility or acceptance, they’ve denied themselves the pleasure in their poor relations management… however, with that said, the Internet – especially vocal Internet communities like SC – is a strange place where the corporate way is sometimes “do nothing”. Where there’s money and rep at bay, nothing is often better than the risk of worst press.

    I think your message, in its entirety, is only going to make your friends smile and make your enemies dislike more. Sadly it’s more likely than not make the fence sitters like me dislike you in the long run.


  52. Cool says:

    Why would Steven want to be associated with a Below Average computer company, such as Gigabyte..?

    • John Clark says:

      Hey guys.. although I was not aware that Steven would be publishing my conversations and I do not agree with him telling GIGABYTE to go fuck themselves.. I do understand his frustration with the entire process.

      One thing that was not mentioned, because Steven was not aware of it.. but GIGABYTE was actually willing to allow him to be at the event..but the tweet he sent out very early in the process kinda put a nail in the coffin.

      As Steven pointed out.. I very much wanted him there and still wish it had worked out. It was not our (the GESL Staff) that made the call and it was out of our hands.. but we had to and should respect the wishes of the main sponsor. GIGABYTE is not to blame for this mess.. it’s those that had such an issue with the things that Steven says behind a +18 wall. Someone mentioned Howard Stern…. and if you don’t want to hear him spew dirty jokes and shit like that.. don’t listen. The real poison of this entire situation is those few people that decided to go directly to a major sponsor that was making an entrance into esports. If we start down this road.. it will be a slippery slope of defeat. I assure you .. that the last thing that sponsors want to deal with is an industry full of cry-babies, whiners and the drama. Those that were upset with the decision should have came directly to me and I would have explained that Steven is a fine gentleman and very capable caster who knows that his ‘attitude’ that he shares on his own stream were not going to be shared on the GESL Stream in any form.

      To make clear.. I don’t agree with Steven’s racist marks.. but they were on his own stream and behind a very clear +18 wall. There are plenty of worse things for us to be crusading against then some bozo on his own stream spewing stupid things.


  53. CombatEX says:

    I am the greatest, you should know that. Also, i now spend all of my time making sure hackers wont stay in GM. My youtube acct. is Legitgaming….see yah

  54. reddit says:

    wow, this comment thread felt like 4chan + reddit. Destiny, you’re a whiny baby, you just messed up your career, don’t you get it?

    • just a viewer says:

      if he didnt post this people would think he didnt like gesl or something other than what he does hes stating his opinion and il always be a fan so if i have to sit through a million advertisements to see you stream id watch everyone of them (probably not id go on youtube and watch temp0 till they’re done but you get the point)

  55. catman26 says:

    Destiny, you’re the best. The only people that hate you are the silver league Day9 watchers who are obsessed sc2 and its bullshit idea of chivalry.

  56. just a viewer says:

    its great you posted your pov but id love to hear their side as well and why they would deny you, it seems like a loss on their part (but you know that) i think their getting some bad publicity because of this and i wouldn’t be surprised if something drastic happened like you not being allowed at gigabyte events

  57. Frank says:

    Did anyone else find the two funniest parts of this post both the atrocious grammar and syntax in e-mails from Gigabyte and Kingbro “PR” people and the fact that Gigabyte somehow damaged their reputation by not wanting their reputation to be damaged?

  58. GTT says:

    I used to be a big fan, back when I smoked ganja and still played starcraft. But you need to wake up. I get why you crusade for the freedom be able to use certain words. I’m sure a good chunk of your fan base supports you because you’re so outspoken, and your demeanor is what makes you hilarious and fun to watch. And I hear you buddy I say that shit a lot around my friends. But there’s a time and a place where it’s appropriate and a time and a place where it isn’t.

    Acting like you don’t give a shit is funny but it’s catching up with you. This is your chosen career path, so I think a little more class and restraint is in order. It’s getting to the point where it’s almost gimicky. I’m not talking total censorship but just a little more respect for the way things work. That is, if you want to stop getting passed over for good opportunities and booted out of SC2 teams.

    All the best broski, im still a supporter

  59. Raulington says:

    summed up; some reddit pitchfork idiots, who have nothing better to do than write emails to sponsors to discredit people they dont like, have done it again! and a corporation just sucked it up and reacted accordingly. what stupid shit is that? you can argue now that stephens reaction is not getting him anything but closing more oppotunities; but what the fuck!! dont you see what is happening here?? he didnt even could TRY to do better coz some FUCKIN DIPSHITS torpeded the whole thing before it could even start! now tell me thats not fuckin unfair and the people poiting fingers are no superficial twats qithout a brain! greetz from germany stephen!

  60. rinehold says:

    This reply is childish, if you go to an interview and it goes well, then another person in charge declines you for whatever reason. Do you demand to speak to the CEO of the company and ask why? gigabyte is the sponsor, they shouldn’t have to deal with some butthurt guy who got declined because he makes racial remarks all over the internet on a consistent basis.

  61. Jordan says:

    Some things just absolutely close the door to people, even if they are irrelevant to the situation. Things like hair dye, tattoos, piercings, education, and apparently language will completely overpower experience, qualification, and personal/community opinion just because of the formality. Its stupid, but its like saying the only successful dropouts are the ones that do it on their own to make billions because no one will give them a bone to do it with help.

  62. Baromosa says:

    Boycotting Gigabyte products from now on, having all my associates follow suit, because fuck them.

  63. logan says:

    meh, you reap the rewards of your erratic behavior. on the other hand, your erratic behavior is why you have a lot of the fans that you do. so gigabyte didn’t email you back. they’re unprofessional. so are you. but that’s why you’re loved.

  64. Pat McKee says:

    No offence, you can not expect to be invited to anything of professional level when you act like a fucking douche bag. NO ONE I know whom I work with is unprofessional. I am a cisco certified network professional engineer. Do you think I would get far in life if I talked shit about all the people I dislike (trust me there are TONS). I hate so many people where I work it’s just natural. People piss people off and you gotta DEAL WITH IT to go on with a career. I like you as a player and as a person destiny. Hopefully you act well behaved from here on out. IF you dislike something, vent about it to your friends or whoever when you can… Don’t post about it for every one to see. GL

    • Baromosa says:

      You wouldn’t get far in life regardless Pat McKee. If you don’t like it stick with whatever you do for fun, coming here and thinking your revelations on professionalism matter is laughable at best. Destiny at least knows his strengths and weaknesses from a realistic viewpoint.

  65. Jimmynooo says:

    Note to self: Never buy anything from Gigabyte ever again cuz they’re assholes

  66. Mike says:

    In the future in this scenario (A company receiving a few negative emails). Have your fans flood them with positive emails. I’m absolutly sure both your fans, and the company would rather see that aspect of things. You would always do more good than harm :D!

  67. manns says:

    I think your response email was plenty. You clearly arent a marketable person to a company concerned with image. You explained (in am unprofessional fashion) the exact reason you weren’t wanted. Doesnt matter how many prople you bring of your turning anyone off. Business.

    This is the quickest way to get blacklisted by sponsors other than Gigabyte.. soo I hope it was worth it. Get one of your loyal followers to handle PR maybe?

    Ultimately, good luck.. but don’t send douchey emails and expect a response. Hope you figure it out bwfore its too late.

  68. Avidday says:

    No compromise and stands by what he believes, wrong or right, with high consistency; I respect that quite a bit. gl in future endeavors Steven!

  69. Nice Job Steven says:

    Meh, I like the way you handled it.

    Just because he didn’t say everything in a nice pussy fashion doesn’t really mean much. If you read it, most of this stuff is said in a professional manner. In the end, “except for you Gigabite, because fuck you.” Meh, I wouldn’t expect anything else.

    That was definitely NOT the wrong thing to do.
    Since someone already used a domestic violence analogy, I guess I will too.

    If someone hit your wife, would you tell them to back off? Would you get her up and call the cops? Would you sit there and aruge with the guy?

    No, you should hit the fucker back. Because that’s what a good american would do. Would that be the wrong thing? Of course not. Sure, it’s not professional, but it’s definitely not going to ruin how the community looks at you.

    Telling a company to fuck off looks bad. Destiny is going to take shit for that.

    Telling a company to fuck off after they pretty much had him booted from an event without even telling him?

    That’s the equivalent to me firing you, because fuck you.

  70. reality check says:

    Steven, I don’t even know where to being. You’re a real life troll that no one will consider working with anymore. You are simply reaping the whirlwind. I hope you seriously can’t believe any of this and are only trying to save your face value. You’re dirty brown water trash. Yeah, yeah yeah, haters gon’ hate etc. no one gives a shit anymore. You’re a plague to the SC2 community. Your fans/followers are all trolls, internet trolls. Everyone sees that. gl hf gg.

  71. Dracolich70 says:

    That was very unprofessional and cowardly of Gigabyte. What if, Gigabyte anytime in the future made you a deal – would you pass it up, or grab it? Let’s say it was mostly monetary gain deal. Not gonna judge you – either way, and thanks for being an inspiration for me, since I became aware of you recently.

  72. minecraft says:

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, except before finish I am reading this enormous article to increase my experience.

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