I was going to make a big post explaining the different approaches to having a personality in e-sports. Some people go about it in certain ways where you make jokes that are seen as risque or offensive to certain groups, other people think it’s best to edit out all of the offensive or controversial parts of your personality and present a fake, “controlled” exterior that will insult no one.

Originally I would have defended the former, and I was going to dissect Tasteless’ statement that ignoring the community is incredibly pompous/arrogant (especially considering that you owe them your livelihood), but I think I understand where he’s coming from, and (sadly) I agree wholeheartedly with him now. I guess that as part of e-sports going mainstream, things like purepwnage (homophobic), pwned,nl (homophobic), “leeroy jensen” (racist), baneling analogies (rape culture), red vs blue (homophobia, racism, sexism), etc…etc…are all too offensive and demeaning to be accepted in the new, “mainstream” culture.

I’ll be focusing hardcore on SC2 in Poland, I should be turning some results after I leave there. For those that have supported me, I deeply appreciate it. To the people who purchased lessons, subscribed to my stream, donated money, watched me without adblock, supported me in public forums, commented/followed me on twitter/facebook/teamliquid, I greatly appreciate it. To those who don’t watch me because they don’t like me, I understand and respect that, as well. To those who took so much offense with me that you find it necessary to sit in your basement and go on letter-writing campaigns, I hope you enjoy your doppelganger representatives.

If you want to reddit this, r/destiny, not r/starcraft, please, thank you.

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  1. Zach says:

    Are you really surprised that the majority of the community is against what you did? And now you’re going to ignore their opinion because you’re on the wrong end of it. Brilliant.

    • destinyadmin says:

      Except the majority isn’t against it, dumbfuck. Just an incredibly vocal minority.

      • SOMEGUY says:

        Those upset with something will always make the most noise. Meanwhile, Destiny will continue to have support behind the scenes.

        gl hf in Poland. Bring back dem EU zergs skillz.

      • dont says:

        but why does that mean you shouldn’t address it? you said you echo Tasteless’ statement, but didn’t really say why you agree with it.

      • Zach says:

        You are so sad.

        • tmz_reporter says:

          nobody cares, go back to TMZ if you want gossip

          call me optimistic, but i think the majority of people are here to be entertained by his stream and don’t care about what happens peripheral to the stream.

          there is a show called entertainment tonight that should quench your thirst for delving into the personal affairs of celebrity, is that not enough for you?

    • Big bwas says:

      ZACH you are a proper DUMBFUCK!


      wait what did he did he do?

    • Breaker says:

      Hey Zach, I have a question…

      When destiny typed out on screen “Your birth certificate was an apology from the abortion cini

      were you the inbred autistic church going sheltered fucktard he was talking to?

  2. aether says:

    not quite sure what provoked this kind of change in outlooks. Anyone care to inform me?

  3. Alex says:

    Why do you feel that you have to be aggressive and/or abusive to those that point out that you have handled things poorly over the past few days?

    • Legacy says:

      Didn’t know there was a handbook for handling things properly. It’s his life. you already know how opinionated and sick of retards he is, so just let him do his thing and either support him as a player you like to watch or leave him the fuck alone.
      Steven maybe a blog about basically having your entire personal life on stream and in the public and if it’s had any affect on you mentally?

      • Alex says:

        All i’m highlighting is that he hasn’t handled the situation particularly well recently, except anyone that tries to mention the elephant in the room is greeted with being called a dumbfuck. I enjoy destiny, and I respect him as he deserves. However, I’m pretty sure after a post regarding how he should tone his language down a bit, and the way he’s reacted over this penis thing, is going to effect his popularity in the community.



  5. Martin says:

    The dick thing.

  6. sup im WHITE so im all for white people WHITE POWA

  7. Leore says:

    I don’t really believe that anything said on the internet should be taken as offensive, as their opinion/words have no real effect on you unless take it very seriously. That type of person shouldn’t be on the internet in the first place, if that’s how they approach it. I support you Destiny, and good luck in Poland

  8. Elevencyan says:

    I’m not sure I get your point about tasteless’ statement. what part of it did you not agree with and what makes you think differently now ? Isn’t it obvious that you can’t simply ignore a community on which your popularity is based ? and do you mean by that that you don’t think being genuine in public is a good thing or a thing you consider doing anymore ?

    • BAYL says:

      Because so many of us watched destiny BECAUSE he didn’t put a mute doppleganger in front of his webcam. He interacted with his audience, and had fun with it.

      Then people started stalking him in public places, just to catch him saying something bad so they could ruin his life.

      Fair payback? Most of us, who, 6 monts ago preferred to watch destiny over idra just don’t watch sc2 anymore. Players are all statues in front of a web cam. Or fake over-polite robot personas.


    Practice hard, steven.
    veegee needs a bonjwa like you, go for gold in the beijing olympics.

  10. just a guy says:

    i would love people would get to the point where they simply decide for their own if they wanna watching sth. (in this case Destiny’s stream) or not.
    Because we are free in our actions but if we are tolerant, too there is no need to judge someone for his kind of entertainment. Like it or not – watch it or not – but do not judge.
    And btw. changing opinion on sth. like Destiny did (he wrote it in this Article), after overthinking it is sadly very seldom our days. To stick with an opinion by no matter what costs is not smart.

  11. djgardner says:

    Destiny, for those of us that pay for a subscription on your stream, will you continue to stream in Poland as much as you do now, or should we cancel until you return in December?

    • xCherubiMx says:

      I like Destiny because of his play. He is a good Zerg. Yes I saw his junk, its not the first cock Ive seen on the internet…It didnt seem to effect his ability to play, nor my thoughts on him. its obviously a personal problem so he can handle it how he wants. GLGL in Poland, and fuck the haters.

  12. Harvest Moon says:

    Focus on your harvest moon skillz while ur poland man, i expect to see results

  13. Notajew says:

    So does this mean Destiny won’t be the same good old Destiny as before? That’s what made his stream so interesting and I’d hate for him to lose what made me like him so much ;_;

  14. TimTebow says:

    God Bless, Steven. PS- I enjoyed your dick pic!!

  15. teddy says:

    He’s just having a mood swing. He’ll be fine in a bit.

  16. Jeremi says:

    No matter where you go or what you do steven ill follow man. Its a shame that people act the way they do to you and cant see past certain things. just remember we believe.

  17. Brett Favre says:

    Steven, I know what it’s like having your dick surface all over the internet. It doesn’t feel good. Just a word of advice from my good friend Confucius, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Godspeed, MUTHAFUCKA.

  18. George says:

    Destiny, you don’t have to change, we still <3 you ;_;

    I like your rape jokes and everything, they're fine. They're made in comedy all the time, there's no reason you can't be offensive in your 18+ stream.

  19. Andy Meeka says:

    we love you :) don’t change yourself in any way.

    btw. you should blow up roothouse (just tell catz about your plan so he can escape.)

  20. Destiny says:

    Not sure if trolling or becoming a gayfag?

  21. Murgel says:

    Well, at least no team means you can do whatever the fuck you want. Consider it a blessing. We don’t want you to sell out and go mainstream. That’s not why you have an audience, as you well know. Keep on doing what you’re doing, keep walking to the beat of your own drum, and we’ll keep watching. Cheer up.

  22. Pungyeon says:

    Hey Steven,

    I hope that you are doing good, and not letting this affect you too much. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to be set in this kind of situation with more than 40,000 judging you on whether it’s is “right” or “wrong”.

    I hope you have much success in Poland, and I hope you know how many people still support and cherish you.

  23. tpyo says:

    Ouch. This is why 4chan is anon.

    You can’t be like that in the real world, be a public figure and be sponsored by general organisations. Well you can but you’ll be vilified and vilified unfairly.

    Alas the madness of crowds doth not really care for an application of logic and or balance. Subjective whim rules absolute.

    Good luck in the future Destiny! I hope you remain afloat and I will always be cheering you on.

  24. SaikoGekido says:

    I’ve been watching your stream for the past several months, on my laptop, just before heading to bed. There were other streamers I tried to watch before sleep, but they just repeat the same high school grade lines, and flaunt an intellect slightly greater than a bull’s.

    You have provoked more intellectual discourse on your stream than every other streamer combined.

    I’m worried, because you’re a rarity. Many gamers don’t realize it, but there’s an assimilation effect that goes on with watching streams. Our mind processes the stream as a story, and it’s a natural part of the human condition that we attempt to learn from stories. This leads to emulation of streamers, and usually a lot of terrible catch phrases.

    I’m not saying you’re my role model, but you are a role model for many.

    What I’m afraid of is that this post sounds like you’re considering changing your profession. I don’t know what’s best for you, but I personally don’t want to see you replaced by another regurgitating asshole.

    • Ultravisitor says:

      This a thousand times. Destiny did some shit I don’t really agree with, but I would miss being able to watch his stream and hear his honest opinion. Be more careful man, I will root for you team or no team.

  25. DB says:

    Destiny, I just want you to know that your transparency really helped me to become who I am today. I’m a younger guy, 17, but I started watching when I was 15. I thought a lot more about thing I did and cared about whenever you would talk about things. You are just so passionate and well thought out about everything you say. I wanted the same thing for myself, and today I’m much more grown up from originally having my viewpoints questioned by you. Thank you, and I’ll be an avid fan for as long as you stream.

    • danzo says:

      When I see comments like these I just want to fucking barf and see how easily manipulated this community can really be.

      • I don't see the problem says:

        When I see comments like this it makes me barf that assholes like you exist.

        You’re like one of those assholes he talks about. People who just look to force their opinions on other people. Destiny doesn’t do that. He just does him. If he offends you, that’s your fault. Go away. Don’t watch him.

        That’s like you jumping in front of a moving car on the highway and blaming the guy driving.

        You came here to post hate on Stevens wall.
        You insult his viewers because they like his beliefs.
        You don’t agree, so you flame his wall.

        You’re the reason America sucks.
        You’re the reason people can’t talk about controversial things.
        You’re the reason Steven got kicked off of Root.

        Your kind is the kind that has to go looking for fights with people just because they believe something you don’t.

        You’re as bad as those Christians who hate gays.
        You’re as bad as those Muslim Extremists who kill Americans for not believing in what they believe.

        You’re the reason we can’t have nice things.
        You sir, are a fucking asshole.

  26. Dagobert says:

    man i love u. pls stream in the teamhouse too. Its rediciolus. U have soo much more fans than haters but the haters are louder. I hoped that root understand this but ok :/
    Thank u for the nice hours with you.
    Greetz from Germany

  27. Evolush says:

    I’m very happy to see that you’re still playing and not letting garbage like this hold you down or drive you out of the sport.

    I will continue to cheer for you and support you (and Root)!

  28. Phil says:

    So if you agree with Tasteless, why are you still posting? Probably because you rely on direct support from people in the community (ex. all the people sucking you off saying what a great guy you’ve been this last week.) Tasteless relies on being important in the pro scene and getting job offers/exposure. I don’t think his lack of internet presence is pompous; it’s just intelligent. He reaches out to his fan base with his casting. Trying to be buddy buddy with everyone on the forums/chats will only cause unwanted drama for him.

  29. TheCaptain says:

    Last few days were pretty fucking sad dude.

    Keep it together and your dem haters they cant fuck you up.

    Good Luck bro!

  30. danzo says:

    That’s if you go to Poland now with the major shit storm still heading your way.

  31. zerostryfe says:

    I assume it must be hard on you destiny, but stay the course. P.S. was going to write about how some people in Esports community act like the spanish Inqusition.

  32. Rob says:

    Dude this is random but you should go on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast and talk about E-Sports and censorship/rape culture. It seems completey random and unrelated but I think it would make for some fantastic and interesting conversation. Duncan has had Artosis on before and is well aware of the Starcraft community, make it happen!

  33. Martinslow says:

    Steven, what you did in this drama to initiate it is average for any guy out there. Acting like you would not either do it or invoke others to show you would in an extreme majority of cases be a lie. But, as you are aware, Steven, you are famous and even though its on the internet, the more famous you are the more you have to adjust your private behavour to that. I know that you are fairly stubborn when it comes to changing yourself to please others, but as you are just as badmouthed as we are; the things you do should never ever single out people in a way that will have a risk of hurting them/embarrasing them. Rather talk about a person as a representative of a group that people can relate to, then singling them out from any group and judge them on their individual behaviour. The phrase “haters gonna hate” only lasts so long when you are not the person to filtre what is said.
    Sorry if you found my english bad.

    It has to be said that I love your personality in general, and your stands on a lot of topics are well grounded. Never overestimate your ability to foresee what will happen as a reaction to your actions. As the reaction will only be larger as you get more famous.
    You should have understood the risk in sharing theese photos and acting the way you do anyhow. Your a smart guy.

    I think your awesome, and Im very supportive of what you do :)!

    Also, gratz on the 5-0 in IPL
    -Sincerly Martin

  34. JWar says:

    I’m a big supporter and don’t care about any of this stuff (which is obviously personal). GLHF in Poland! I look forward to watching you play!

  35. djow says:

    So fucking unnecessary… Sending cock pics to a girl? Fine, but why the fuck take pictures of the root t-shirt? A total, full-retard move. Never go full retard, man. You fucked up, I hope you can recover. I don’t watch your stream, I don’t even like you; but you pioneered the infestor play, your worthy of praise; don’t let that fucking talent go to waste,.

  36. Qudde says:

    Destiny now you have a source of endless motivation, do you know what that is? Anger, let the anger drive you to improve and tear shit up in Poland. Show what a beast of a gamer you are!

  37. Shingles says:

    What a shame that she had to bring it to a whole new level.
    I have always enjoyed your casting, trolling, laming, just being you.. I hope this wont hinder your future too much.
    Only reason im writing is that i experienced something very much like this when i was a teen, and it ended up ruining alot in my life.
    Keep your chin up, dont let silly no-good-doers bring an uproar when they shouldnt be able to normally.

  38. Anon Fan says:

    Stop fucking up Destiny, it makes me sad, when the shit you do is to stupid for me to justify. I watch your stream cause you seem like a pretty cool guy, but really right now you just seem like a pretty dumb douchebag. All the best, fix your shit.

    • crxz says:

      Second that. I don’t support directly (donations, lessons and buying sponsored products and whatnot) but the shit you are doing is just driving potential opportunities. Please stop fucking up (and rejoin ROOT in future).

      yours sincerely,
      “gook” fan :D

  39. DatName says:

    So, to boil this down, you like the community when they agree with you and bring you income, but once they don’t like you, because of actions you have done, you will stop responding, call them names and ignore them? I have to agree with you here, that is incredibly pompous/arrogant. You are basically saying “love me or shut the fuck up, there is no middle-ground”.

    Grow up.

  40. DatName says:

    Also, seriously that is a weak strawman. Nobody gave a fuck about all those reasons you listen. People shit on you because you were being a total asshole. Why don’t you address this instead of bringing up completely irrelevant events: “baneling analogie” – this has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation. This was years ago and now you cite this as a reason why you need to have a clean imagine?

    You don’t, people were fine with you saying shit like that.

    Now being a total asshole to somebody, that’s something you did for the first time. This time it was just personal, you knew that person. Why won’t you address this? This is why people are sad/angry. Because of your childish behavior. Stop with the strawman’s about things that are not related at all and come out and just say it like it is: You think you have the right to be a total asshole to somebody and the community shouldn’t judge you for it. This is what all this is about. Stop with the bullshit excuses, that’s some incontrol stuff we don’t want. Be real man, that’s why we loved you.

  41. NotACleverName says:

    Destiny, I just want to say that I support you. I hope the best for your future in SC2 and in life. GL in Poland buddy. I hope you make the best of this awesome opportunity. I look forward to seeing you win tournaments in the future! <3

  42. TurtPonies says:

    Still love you destiny, good luck in Poland and thanks for the lessons :D I do want some higher level lessons now, but I dont have the money D:

  43. Vic says:

    The eSports community is sad. I’m going to stop supporting eSports now.

  44. GGnoskillz says:

    Lol.. go Poland… still bad skillz. No future in the pro scene brah.. why dont you try to stream more for ur childish viewers.. HERP DERP

  45. KyleJackson says:

    Youre one of those smartass kids that has an ass whooping coming your way. Keep running that fucking mouth

  46. Keegan says:

    I’ve never really thought about it until now. But Destiny has really shown me how life works when you have a personality and then use/show it to people around you.

  47. Richard Fannin says:

    I would really like to understand the mentality of someone that would intentionally try to fuck with someone’s lively hood merely because they don’t like the things they say.

    I guess it’s just a person with no empathy, ie a psychopath of some description.

  48. Jammku says:

    Destiny, be the change you want to see. Don’t take shit from moral-faggots. Keep doing what you’re doing. I plan to launch a youtube / gaming entertainer career with a similar outlook. Fuck the moralfags. There are plenty of people like me who PREFER people like you over the “work ethic” attitudes of the majority of “paid” fakes.

  49. A Fan says:

    Destiny is a person that thinks differently from most people, he does not follow the “rules” of our society, why? Because he has balls thats why, he is not afraid to voice out his opinions, he is funny as hell,he is the kind of person that comes along to out world every once in a while to show us what really defines us as humanity. But, everyone just keeps pushing him down, ever wondered why there isn’t more scientist, or good politicians and such? Because OUR OWN SOCIETY is afraid of people who think different, we are afraid to people who can make a change, we are afraid of people that says out their honest opinion , that dare to voice out their thoughts even though they face a huge risk, and for that, i solute you Destiny, you have show me something i have long forgotten in this environment I am in. I wish you the best of luck, and to all the haters, i want you to think( assuming thats possible of course.) WHY can’t you grow a pair and start accepting people for who they are ,WHy don’t you stop judging people just cuz they are different, WHY are you bounded by our society. Let me tell you something, if one day, different people stops coming in to our society, is the day we are truly screwed, because we have manage to completely wipe out these type of people? Happy now? When that day comes, is the day when I will stop believing because all hope is lost.

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